Where Can You Do a College Placement Test Online?


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College placement tests are available online at college-placement-test.com. Just like a conventional college placement test, the online version examines four main areas: arithmetic, English, algebra and advanced math.

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In preparation for the test, download sample questions from the Internet to get an idea of what the test involves. Apart from the four main topics, there are additional sample questions on reading and writing.

A college placement test is an examination to determine the proper placement of college candidates. In this regard, it does not have pass or fail scores. However, performing too poorly in test may lead to additional classes for a freshman. The student has to pay extra tuition fees for any extra classes taken, and they also push the student's graduation date further ahead. Students are allowed to do another test after three years, if this is preferred.

Whether it is done online or offline, a placement test is part of the process whereby students are admitted to various technical colleges and community institutes in the United States. The option to take an advanced math test varies from one institution to another. The first questions in the test are easy, but they get tougher as the test progresses. It is therefore imperative to be thoroughly prepared.

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