How Can You Get Free College Grants for Being a Single Mom in Tennessee?


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There are several different paths to take to try and find grants to attend college, but filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be a top priority. The FAFSA helps to determine eligibility for government grants, such as the Pell Grant. It also helps the government determine the eligibility of possible loans.

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FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To fill out a FAFSA go to www.fafsa.gov. First, it will ask to obtain a PIN. This number is important because it can be used to sign a FAFSA electronically, and it is needed whenever changes are made with the FAFSA document. Before filling out the FASFA there are some documents that should be gathered. These documents are Social Security number, parent's Social Security numbers if you are a dependent, driver's license number,Alien Registration Number, last year's tax returns, records of untaxed income (child support, interest income, and veterans benefits), and any information on cash in a checking and savings account, and stocks, bonds and real estate. Toward the end of the FAFSA they ask for a list of colleges that should receive the completed FAFSA. In this area include any colleges that might be under consideration. Once the FAFSA is completed, use the PIN that was given at the beginning of the session to electronically sign your document. This makes filing the FAFSA quick and easy.

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