What Can Children Learn From Participating in a School Safety Program?


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Students in school safety programs generally learn personal responsibility for safety, that school is a safe place, the divide between reporting something serious and tattling or gossiping, and that violence is not a solution. The exact things children learn from participation in a school safety program depends on their age.

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The primary message of school safety programs for students is that while it is important to learn about safety, the probability of violence or danger at the school is very low. Emphasizing that the school is a safe place helps children learn they are able to rely on teachers and other staff to keep children secure. These programs help children realize their own responsibility for maintaining school safety, including reporting suspicious people or activities to teachers or staff.

Another important message of school safety programs is that some children and adults are unable to handle their feelings of anger or the influence of alcohol and drugs. This shows children the importance of seeking help for their feelings of extreme anger and the importance of avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Finally, school safety programs help children learn that they should not use violence to solve problems. Accordingly, they learn to avoid guns and to report someone who has a gun to an appropriate authority figure.

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