How Can Children Benefit From Using Computerwisekids Products?


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Children using Computerwisekids's products benefit from a curriculum with structured activities that help them learn to use technology. In addition to allowing kids to learn basic computer skills in their school's computer lab, Computerwisekids's program is available for use at home for some lower grade levels. Furthermore, children benefit from being able to do the activities at their own pace, notes Computerwisekids.

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Computerwisekids offers a comprehensive technology curriculum primarily for elementary and middle school students. Learners benefit from exploring the basics of typing and working on their hand-eye coordination. They also learn how to be safe online and make digital art. They also get introduced to coding, learn about different devices and work on keyboard recognition. The curriculum encourages children to be independent in their learning, states Computerwisekids. Although the main focus is technology, there is integration with other core subjects, such as math, social studies and language arts. Some of the tools Computerwisekids includes are typing tests and games, a student messaging system, help with Internet research and a place to show off student work.

Schools also benefit from using Computerwisekids's products. An instructor and technology coordinator from the company come to the school for the program, and the company also provides the computers and some maintenance needed on them. In addition, teachers get access to their own websites where they can post class information.

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