How Can You Help a Child Using Think Through Math?


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Parents, teachers or tutors can help children with the Think Through Math interactive educational program by participating in professional development and online tutorials to learn how the program operates as well as the key concepts covered at each level. Adults should allow students to work at their own pace when working out math problems and stand by in case children have questions about the math concepts or how to navigate the program.

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Adults can also show children how to access the live teacher support option within the Think Through Math program. The live teacher support allows students to ask questions to a teacher; parents can help children to form these questions beforehand.

Parents, tutors and teachers can reinforce the concepts of Think Through Math by utilizing the worksheets and educational resources on the Think Through Math website. Educators can introduce a concept that is covered on the students' current level of the program and present similar math problems that students encounter while working on their own.

The Think Through Math program allows parents or educators to acquire real-time data to evaluate the progress of their students. This information is useful when determining which concepts the students are struggling with and which ones require more in-depth study.

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