How Can You Get a Child to Practice Math With Flash Cards?


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To get your child to practice math with flashcards, first identify what motivates your child. There are a variety of games designed to make children excited about math. Some games encourage children to get up and move while they play; others are more focused and require greater concentration. Awarding points and prizes is a good way to encourage children to practice. Choose a flashcard game based on what your child needs and enjoys.

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How Can You Get a Child to Practice Math With Flash Cards?
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The game Bang! makes math flashcards exciting. To play this game, write down math facts on flashcards. Write the word Bang! on a few more cards. Next, put all of the cards into a coffee can or other large container. Each player takes a turn drawing out a card. If that player correctly answers the math fact, he gets to keep the card. If the player draws a Bang! card, he must return all of his cards to the container. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Students who are working on addition facts can play the card game Go Fish! with their flashcards. The object is to add numerals up to 10. To prepare the game, write numerals up to the number 10 on three sets of flashcards and deal them out to the players. Players then attempt to make pairs that equal 10 by requesting cards from each other. The player with the most pairs equaling 10 wins.

Flashcard Musical Chairs is similar to the traditional party game Musical Chairs. Set up chairs for the participants and turn on some music. The players march around the chairs until the music stops. The first student to sit down gets to answer a flashcard. This game gets students moving and is good for children who have a hard time sitting still during practice time.

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