How Can You Get Help With Chemistry Homework?


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Students can get help with chemistry homework using online tutoring websites like Tutor.com, Smarthinking and TutorVista as well as finding a tutor in their communities. Public libraries sometimes also have a homework help section on their websites where students can get access to online encyclopedias and other reference materials that may help them do their chemistry homework.

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Online tutoring websites can help students answer chemistry questions or solve problems step by step, typically through live sessions that help students understand the content rather than just give them answers to their homework problems. Many of these services are paid; however, students may be able to get access through a public library, shows Mid-Continent Public Library.

Tutor.com provides paid science tutoring for both high school and college students, and there are also study guides, practice questions and tutorials available. Smarthinking, on the other hand, is another paid service focuses on college level general chemistry and organic chemistry. TutorVista offers paid live online tutoring and a question submission option for chemistry help; both services focus on step-by-step explanations of chemistry concepts and walk-through for problems, notes TutorVista.

In addition to tutoring, students can use online reference tools to get information about chemistry concepts they need to better understand to do their homework. One example is the Science Reference Center, a portal that public library systems may offer to members, which features encyclopedias, journals, books and other materials about chemistry and other branches of science.

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