Where Can You Find Book Review Samples?

Where Can You Find Book Review Samples?

LoneStar.edu, QCPages.QC.CUNY.edu, WritingCenter.UNC.edu, Scholastic.com and NPR.org are all sources of book review samples. Scholastic.com is geared toward kids and young adults, the college websites toward college students, and NPR.org toward the general public.

The three sample book reviews at LoneStar.edu offer no corresponding instruction or pointers on composing book reviews. Two of the reviews are excerpts from publications that appear on external websites, and all three of the reviewed texts are academic.

The sample book reviews on the websites of Queens College and the University of North Carolina are more instructional. Each website defines a book review and offers specific directions about how to construct one, what questions the reviewer should ask and address, how to praise and criticize a work, and how to maintain objectivity.

As of 2015, children's author Rodman Philbrick shares a book review of Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" at Scholastic.com. The review precedes a four-step lesson on how to write a book review, with each step focusing on some aspect of the process, such as writing tips, challenges and revising.

The National Public Radio website has an entire books section that includes reviews by noted authors and book critics. Reviews of upcoming releases frequently appear, and NPR.org reviewers address a wide variety of texts with an emphasis on mass market fiction.