How Can You Become a Better Writer?


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To improve writing skills, practicing writing daily is a crucial step, as well as engaging in freewriting timed sessions, enhancing vocabulary, experimenting with new writing styles and structures, keeping a journal to write in frequently, and reading good writing. A writer can also improve skills by working with another writer or writing group, who can offer samples, feedback and constructive criticism.

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To become a better writer, it is also necessary to learn the basic rules of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. Learn new vocabulary words each day to incorporate into writing pieces. When writing, avoid using passive voice constructions, contractions and vague words. Instead, improve the writing with active-voice sentences, a tone of voice that is appropriate to the audience, descriptive words and phrases, and transitions to help the writing flow smoothly.

Brainstorming prior to writing can also help a writer improve his craft. For example, keep an idea notebook handy to jot down story or article ideas, create an outline for each piece of writing, and gather materials and research prior to typing the first word. Focus on revision to polish each piece of writing. Revision involves rethinking ideas within the piece of writing and editing for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling.

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