What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Health Education?


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A Bachelor of Arts in Health Education can lead to a variety of nonclinical health careers, according to Ashford University. Graduates from health education programs can find careers in fields such as community health education or public health advocacy, working with employers such as nonprofit organizations, public health departments, local governments, corporations and hospitals.

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Possible employers of health education graduates include health management organizations, or HMOs, and state or local governments, specifically in parks and recreation departments or departments of health. Health education degrees can also lead to positions in corporations seeking to implement wellness programs for their employees. While the degree does not lead to a clinical health position, it is possible to work in a hospital in a position such as outreach director.

Working conditions and salaries in health education vary by specialty, but salaries can range from $33,000 to $86,925, explains ExploreHealthCareers.org. The website also provides examples of tasks that employees in health education might encounter in their careers. These tasks include stopping the spread of STDs, educating young people in the risks of drug and alcohol use, and implementing health promotion programs such as water and sanitation projects. Health educators are also required to research health issues to help the people they serve better use health services available to them, and become active participants in the health systems of entire communities.

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