How Can You Attend the University of La Verne Online?

To enroll as a student of the University of La Verne online, choose a degree program and contact the La Verne Online Admissions Advisor. Arrange a preliminary assessment at the official website, then complete an application. Submit the application with the application fee and all required supplementary documentation.

To enroll in an online degree program at the University of La Verne, follow the steps below. Enrollment is only available to residents of California.

  1. Choose a course
  2. Visit the Prospective Students page of the La Verne Online section at the university's official website. Browse the degree programs available to take online. These include a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management, a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Master of Business Administration for experienced professionals and Master of Science in Leadership and Management, also for experienced professionals. Review the details of each course or click on the heading for additional information.

  3. Contact admissions advisor
  4. Contact the La Verne Online Admissions Advisor after choosing a course to discuss enrollment. Full contact details are available at the Prospective Students page.

  5. Request a preliminary assessment
  6. Request a preliminary assessment by clicking the Request Preliminary Assessment link at the Prospective Students page. Submit transcripts as directed to find out what course credits can be transferred to La Verne Online.

  7. Apply
  8. Complete an application form, accessible by clicking the Complete an Application link at the Prospective Students Page. Pay the application fee and submit all required supplementary documentation. Prospective students are informed by mail of what documentation is necessary to submit with their applications.