How Can I Attend High School While Pregnant?


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Staying in school while pregnant can be a difficult task for expectant teen mothers, but in states like California, there are special programs and laws to help teens stay in school. Students who need help managing health, educational or social problems can find resources at school, according to The Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide. Social Work Today explains that most school systems have social workers to help pregnant teens succeed.

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A teen who is pregnant has the option to remain in high school to finish her diploma. Contrary to what most teens believe, a school does not have the right to turn away a pregnant teen just because she is pregnant. However, these types of law vary from state to state. In most cases, a pregnant teen can choose to remain in her current high school, or she may choose another that offers more assistance for pregnant teens. A school or principal cannot treat a student differently because she is pregnant, according to The Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide.

Many state schools make special accommodations for pregnant teens. For example, in California, an expectant mother who is experiencing difficulty with her pregnancy or who is home with a sick child does not need a doctor's note in order to excuse the absence unless the school requires a doctor's note for all students. According to The Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide, a pregnant teen can also switch to a different type of school that has more beneficial services for pregnant teens or offers a more flexible schedule.

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