How Can You Get an Assessment of Your Basic Math Skills?


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Get an assessment of your basic math skills by completing an online assessment test such as the one at APlusClick.com. You can also get a proctored mathematics skills assessment through a college or university.

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APlusClick.com features an interactive math skills assessment test with test questions for all 12 grade levels. The test begins at the first grade level and progresses to the next one once the test taker answers all questions for the grade level correctly and clicks the "Move up to the next level button" at the end of each section. The number of sections through which the test taker is able to progress determines his math skill level. The website also has individual pages with a selection of math questions for a single grade level.

Many colleges and universities require mathematics assessments as part of their admissions process. For example, Santa Monica College uses the ACT COMPASS math test battery to assess students' algebra, geometry and trigonometry skills. Like many other college math assessment tests, the ACT COMPASS adjusts question difficulty based on how well the test taker is performing. The test generates less challenging questions for testers who are doing poorly and more difficult questions for testers who are doing well. The purpose of the assessment is to help entering students choose a math course that is appropriate for their skill level.

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