How Can You Take an ASE Certification Practice Test?

ASE certification practice tests are available on the website of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, An unofficial but reputable alternative is located on, under Auto Mechanic Practice Test. offers official practice tests for ASE Automobile Tests A1 to A8 and ASE Auto Parts Test P2. Questions on the official ASE practice tests are not actual questions that appear on the ASE certification exams but are similar in content and format. offers one version of each practice test; each is half the length of the actual corresponding exam. Taking a practice test multiple times does not expose one to new or different questions. sells vouchers, with each voucher serving as an admission ticket to take each practice test. Online access to practice test lasts 60 days. The practice tests give immediate feedback, grades and an overall review that highlights strength and weaknesses. also offers printable performance reports and explanations of correct and incorrect answers. Practice test vouchers are available in the ASE store on features practice tests for the ASE certification exams A1 to A8. Each practice test has approximately 100 questions and is available for individual purchase or as part of a complete packet that includes all of the tests and fully explained answers. Each individual practice test and kit is approximately $60, as of 2015. Dr. John F. Kershaw, a former ASE test question developer, wrote the practice tests and study kits on