How Can You Do AR Testing at Home?

Renaissance Learning does not permit Accelerated Reader (AR) tests to be completed at home. To ensure teacher control of the testing environment, AR tests are done at school on a computer or a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod using the AR App.

While testing at home is not permitted or available, parents are still encouraged to be actively involved in their student's AR program. Parents are kept up to date through reports sent home by the teacher detailing cumulative data for the period and school year.

Schools who use the Enterprise version of AR can provide parents access to the Renaissance Learning website at, where they can log onto Home Connect and view their student's progress. A Parents' Guide is available online to reference the AR products in use and to provide answers to commonly asked questions. Through the website, parents can also learn how to help their student select a book that is interesting and enjoyable, learn strategies they can use to help their child become a lifelong reader, and even take a sample AR quiz. Parents whose primary language is Spanish typically appreciate that they can get the same information in Spanish.