How Can You Apply for Bill Gates Scholarships?

Prospective college students can visit the Gates Millennium Scholars website and fill out a scholarship application online. A completed application includes the nominee's personal information form, an academic evaluation from an educator sponsoring the nomination and a recommendation form describing the student's leadership and community service activities. The application is typically due in mid-January.

The nominee, the nominator and the recommender must register online and create an account to submit an electronic application. To complete their portions of the application, educators must have the student's registration ID, which is made up of the student's zip code and the last four digits of a provided phone number. The same adult can act as a nominator and recommender if the person is familiar with the student's academic and community service background. However, only adults who work in educational roles, such as teachers, guidance counselors and principals, can be nominators.

Students should also make sure they meet the minimum eligibility requirements. The scholarship is intended to bridge the financial gap for students who are African American, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, American Indian or Hispanic American. The student must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident with a GED or a high school GPA of at least 3.3. Eligible students are enrolling in an accredited college for the first time and meet the criteria for a Pell Grant.