How Can You Apply for and Attend Oxford Seminars?

How Can You Apply for and Attend Oxford Seminars?

Discover what it is like to teach English as a second language while you travel to a foreign country when you attend one of several Oxford Seminars. Choose a course, enroll online and become certified to teach English as a second language.

  1. Find a location

    Pick your location from among the available options, which included 85 cities in more than 30 states as of October 2014. Courses are offered throughout the year, so choose a seminar that fits your time and location.

  2. Request more information

    Receive an information packet in the mail or downloaded to your computer in a PDF format. For a PDF download or a viewable version on your computer, input your email address. Have a paper copy mailed to you by giving Oxford Seminars your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

  3. Pay for the seminar

    Enroll in an Oxford course through the website. As of October 2014, pay your enrollment deposit of $95 when you first register, and pay the remaining balance of $1,100 on the first day of the course. You can also pay the entire course fee of $1,195 when you first register. Input your personal data and then your payment information before confirming the details of your request.

  4. Attend the seminar

    Your Oxford Seminars course lasts six total days over three consecutive weekends.