How Can You Find Answers for Questions in a Glencoe Science Text?

To find answers in a Glencoe science text, visit and view the Chapter Activities section for your book. Then select "Chapter Review Quiz". This allows you to take the quiz assigned to the unit and chapter that you select. After you submit your answers to the quiz, you can view the correct answers to the quiz questions.

It is important that you select your exact textbook, as there are many editions and subjects available. To choose the correct textbook, visit and locate the section labeled "Access Online Learning Center". Select your state of residence and your book's subject from the drop-down menu. Select "Student/Parent" and then click "enter".

On the next page, under the section "Online Learning Centers" choose your book's concentration (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Life Science) and select the correct edition of your book from the drop-down menu. Next, under "Student Center" locate "Chapter Review Quiz." On the next page, select a unit and a chapter from the menu options on the left of the screen. Choose "Chapter Review Quiz" and complete the online test. Click "submit" after you complete the test. After you submit the test, the correct answers are identified with a green check. Please note that the option to take a quiz or view answers may change depending on the subject and edition of your book.