How Can You Find Answers for Punchline Math Problems?

You can obtain answers for the Punchline math series within the Punchline textbooks and DVDs. Books and DVDs in the series include "Punchline Algebra Book A," "Punchline Algebra Book B," "Punchline Bridge to Algebra," "Punchline Problem Solving" and "Mathimagination," all available from Marcy Mathworks. Sample pages with answers are available on the company website.

Punchline math exercises take the form of puzzles to complete in a stepwise manner, which are designed to be self-correcting. Punchline designs its problems so that students obtain feedback after the completion of each puzzle or set of puzzles. The solutions to the puzzles come in the form of either answer lists or codes, and they often consist of a phrase the student constructs by solving the math problems. If an answer is correct, it appears in one of the lists. Otherwise, one must redo the problem or seek aid from a teacher. Some puzzles are for cooperative solving by more than one student.

There is a complete answer key and additional resources for teachers at the end of the textbooks. Marcy Mathworks does not provide any information about third-party Punchline answer pages, such as those that appear when using generic Web search engines. It best to avoid such websites, as the accuracy of their information is not guaranteed.