How Can You Find the Answers for Math Makes Sense 6th Grade?

Purchase the Math Makes Sense Grade 6 Answer Key directly from Pearson School Canada's website. The Teacher's Edition and Student Text are also available for purchase.

From Pearson School Canada's main page, click on the Products drop-down menu. From there, select Mathematics. On Mathematics page, select Secondary from the menu on the left. Scroll down through the list and select Math Makes Sense - Pearson WNCP Edition, K-9 from the options. When you reach the page, scroll down to the Grades options that are listed on the left side of the screen, and select Grade 6. The Grade 6 Answer Key is located near the bottom of the page. Input the number of copies that you want to purchase, and select Add to Cart. From there, make your purchase using Guest Checkout.

Math Makes Sense is a Canada-based, kindergarten to ninth grade mathematics program that features full-color books that are available in two different formats: the hardcover student book and the Pearson e-text for both home and school access. Formulated for educators to reach learners of all kinds, these math textbooks focus on teaching through problem-based learning. Their consistent three-part lesson model supports structured learning and builds the foundation for success in mathematics.