How Can You Find the Answers to Chemistry Books?


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To find the answers to chemistry textbooks, go to chegg.com, click on "Textbook Solutions" under the "Study" drop-down menu, sign up for a subscription and search for the desired chemistry book. As of 2015, Chegg provides step-by-step solutions to more than 9,000 textbooks, online tutors and access to expert assistance for a monthly fee.

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Use the following steps to find the answers to chemistry textbooks:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the Chegg website by entering Chegg.com into the browser. Choose "Textbook Solutions" from the "Study" drop-down menu in the upper left hand side of the screen.

  3. Search for the book
  4. Click on "Try it now" to search for the desired chemistry book. Enter the textbook's title, author name or ISBN. Click on the magnifying glass to search for the book.

  5. View the results
  6. If the book is available, it will be displayed along with information on available solutions. View the result to confirm that the answers are provided by Chegg.

  7. Join the site
  8. If the book is available, sign into the site to view the answers. New users will need to create an account and pay the appropriate fee.

If the chemistry book is not available, search another study site, such as Slader.com.

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