Where Can You Get Answers for Algebra Homework?


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Answers to algebra problems can be found using the Wolfram Alpha search engine. Among other things, Wolfram Alpha allows users to enter math equations and returns a large collection of solutions, graphs and other information explaining the equation.

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Where Can You Get Answers for Algebra Homework?
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Wolfram Alpha is a complex search engine designed to compute all factual and objective information related to the user's search input. It is an ambitious endeavour that has been largely successful. The search engine is capable of computing mathematical equations and recounting factual information about non-mathematical inputs. It differs from search engines such as Google and Yahoo in that it does not return a collection of links to other websites but rather gathers information from a database, which it then provides to users.

Stephen Wolfram initially conceived of and developed the Wolfram Alpha search engine. The son of German refugees, Stephen Wolfram was born in England and quickly showed himself to be a prodigious mathematician and physicist. At the age of 15 he published peer-reviewed articles in widely read professional scientific journals discussing quantum field theory and particle physics. He received his doctorate in particle physics at the California Institute of Technology at the age of 20. Wolfram's innovations in computational technology made his vision of the Wolfram Alpha search engine possible.

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