Where Can You Find Free Animated Alphabets Online?

Where Can You Find Free Animated Alphabets Online?

Free animated alphabets are available at ScrapbookPresentations.com and PicGifs.com. ScrapbookPresentations.com provides free animated alphabets, content, printables and embellishments that can be downloaded and used in digital scrapbooks or for businesses, school projects and design.

ScrapbookPresentations.com hosts a variety of alphabets in transparent PNG format that can be inserted into PowerPoint slides. The alphabet graphics do not obstruct the background and are created in 300 dpi resolution for printing. Each graphic is 200 by 200 pixels and can be resized. The alphabets are available in a variety of fonts in different colors, styles and tones.

ScrapbookPresentations.com also hosts regular and holiday-themed embellishments with holidays that include Halloween, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

PicGifs.com hosts 429,589 graphics and 629.333 generated images, as of 2015. The site has a vast selection of alphabet graphics, images and animated gifs. Some alphabet themes include the Pink Panther, autumn, balloons, polar bears and glitter colors. Site visitors can search by theme or category.

PicGifs.com also features wallpapers, clip art, name graphics, coloring pages and avatars. Additionally, visitors can create their own text using a text generator and a wide variety of available animated fonts. Options for images include saving them to a computer or sending them as e-cards.