Where Can You Take an Anatomy and Physiology Practice Test?

There are many ways to take a practice anatomy and physiology test online, including the website for the American Association of Medical Assistants. There are also practice tests available for physiology and anatomy on the Varsity Tutors website. At this site, the practice tests are organized by topic and users may choose a test depending on the level of difficulty desired.

The physiology questions available on the American Association of Medical Assistants website are practice questions for the A.A.M.A. exam, which is the exam taken to become a certified medical assistant. The website also contains study resources for those taking an exam. McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center also offers university level physiology practice exams. This website breaks down a university level anatomy and physiology course by chapter and offers additional exercises and study materials for each chapter. Similar practice tests and study materials can also be found on other college and university sites, such as Alex Imholtz's biology page for Prince George's Community College.

For students studying high school level anatomy, chapter notes, investigations and practice quizzes, and tests are available in the Anatomy section of BiologyCorner.com. This site also offers review guides to help students study for a final exam in high school anatomy. Similarly, practice tests for high school level anatomy are also on Study.com.