Where Can You Find an Alphabetical List of All 50 State Capitals?


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Lists of the state capitals can be found on a variety of websites including Lovetoknow, Quizlet, Songs for Teaching and Educationalrap.com. Depending on what one is looking for, lists are provided in the form of spreadsheets, flashcards or songs.

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Where Can You Find an Alphabetical List of All 50 State Capitals?
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Educational websites offer a variety of list formats to help aid in whatever teaching or studying process is best for the circumstances. If just a direct list of cities in alphabetical formatting is required, Lovetoknow.com offers a list but recommends it is best used in conjunction with a map for reference purposes. The list can be downloaded in pdf formatting.

If one requires teaching aids in addition to a list, Quizlet.com offers a number of solutions. In addition to the list, they also have downloadable and printable flash cards for self testing, audio samples so the proper pronunciation of the name can be heard and online testing opportunities. Moreover, progress trackers monitor how well the capitals are memorized.

If something more musical is required, both songsforteaching.com and educationalrap.com offer options in the form of song to help in committing the capitals to memory. Songsforteaching.com offers the song for download, lyrics to follow and a purely instrumental version to sing along with. Educationalrap.com offers a video of their song, a zip file containing the music and worksheets for practice.

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