Where Can You Find Free ACT Math Practice Questions?

Where Can You Find Free ACT Math Practice Questions?

ACT Student provides five sets of practice questions for the math portion of the test. Varsity Tutors, AnalyzeMath.com and Free Test Online also offer free math practice questions for the ACT.

The ACT mathematics test has 60 questions and allows students one hour to complete the test. ACT divides practice questions into five sets of 12 questions with multiple choice answers. In addition, ACT offers answers and explanations to its practice questions.

Varsity Tutors divides practice questions into mathematical topics, with multiple questions designed to be answered in a fixed period of time. Some of the topics include "How to use the quadratic function" and "How to graph an exponential function." Varsity Tutors provides a timer to assist the student while working on the practice question set.

AnalyzeMath.com offers free practice questions on its Free Mathematics Tutorials page. Students access 60 multiple choice math questions and can check answers against the answer key at the bottom of the page. AnalyzeMath.com also offers detailed answers to the questions.

Free Test Online offers five sets of 10 free ACT practice questions. Students answer one multiple choice question per page and submit the answer chosen. Results are displayed after all 10 questions have been answered. Free Test Online provides extended explanations of the correct answers.