How Can You Access Classworks for Kids?

How Can You Access Classworks for Kids?

To access Classworks, educators can purchase a subscription via the program's website and then sign up and log in to their accounts. As of 2016, a teacher can request a free trial for him or herself and up to 30 students for 90 days to explore sample activities.

Classworks provides 36 weeks worth of interactive whole class, small group and center-based reading and math lessons for teachers to use in their classrooms. The program focuses on teacher-led instruction and is available for Kindergarten through eighth grades. The content aligns with Common Core and state standards.

The activities can be used on an interactive white board, projector, computer or tablet. Students have access to online tools, such as a notepad, calculator and dictionary.

Classworks also supplies teachers with tools to assist their students in mastering the information, including talking points, tips, common misconceptions and recommended manipulatives. Teachers are able to create assignments, read and grade students' work and produce reports on student progress. Reports can be printed to share with parents to recognize achievements and address areas for improvement.

Educators can utilize online videos, webinars and training opportunities to learn how to best integrate Classworks into their teaching. Support is available at no additional cost.