Where Can I Find Accelerated Reader Test Locations?


Accelerated Reader is a classroom-based computer literacy program intended to enhance regular reading curriculums, and the tests are administered within schools that use the program, reports the Institute of Educational Sciences. Students can monitor progress but can't take quizzes at home, states developer Renaissance Learning Inc.

Although parents can help students select books and monitor students' progress on home computers through the AR student application, they can't administer testing, which is done only at schools using computers or mobile devices, according to Renaissance Learning Inc., the software company that created the Accelerated Reader program. More than 160,000 quizzes are available, and if a quiz for a particular book hasn't yet been devised, teachers can request or compose it. Teachers administer the multiple-choice quizzes individually once students have completed the text, states the Institute of Educational Sciences. Students receive immediate feedback from the management system, and parents and teachers track overall progress.

Although Accelerated Reader offers reading development programs through grade 12, it is most popular at the elementary school level, reports About.com. Each quiz has a point value. Students receive full points for answering all quiz questions correctly and partial points for a majority of correct answers. Teachers set weekly, monthly and yearly point goals for their students, which motivates the students to read.