What Is It Called When You Write With Both Hands?

called-write-hands Credit: Roger Wright/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Ambidexterity refers to being equally adept in using both right and left hands. This ability is the most readily recognized variety of cross-dominance. Only 1 percent of the population is naturally ambidextrous.

It is uncommon to be naturally ambidextrous. Most ambidextrous people are originally left-handed, and have had to learn to use their right hands because of emphasis or requirements in childhood institutions or jobs. Some of the activities that encourage ambidexterity include keyboard music, typing on a computer, knitting and juggling, as these require a high level of skill in both hands. Many everyday devices favor right-handed people because of their design, which explains why left-handed people are more likely to be ambidextrous as compared to their right-handed counterparts.