How Do You Calculate Your Weighted Grade From Your Raw Course Grade?

To calculate your weighted grade, multiply your average raw score in percentage form in each category by the weight of its category, add all of the contributions, and convert the total to a letter grade. A class syllabus typically contains information about the weight that each group of assignments contributes to your final grade.

Homework assignments, for example, potentially make up 15 percent of your total grade. Quizzes might have an additional weight of 15 percent, with midterms and finals amounting to 50 percent total, whereas class participation and a short research paper each have a possible weight of 10 percent.

If you score an average of 80 percent on three quizzes, then multiple 80 by 0.15. The product is 12, and it is the weighted score for all three of your quizzes. Repeat this process for each category of scores, making sure to multiply the average score by the weight it represents of your final score. Lastly, add all the weighted scores together to get a total. This is your weighted score at the time you perform this calculation.

There are also online weight grade calculators, such as the one available on Enter a category name, the percentage within the category, or the average grade within the category and the weight of the category. The calculator allows you to enter new categories with a click and to solve by category or obtain a total percentage.