How Do You Calculate Final Grades for the Semester?


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How final semester grades are calculated depends on the grading scale and how the different assignments and tests were weighted. To calculate the final grade, the number of points earned so far can be added together and compared to the grading scale.

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Students can also calculate a final grade with the following steps.

  1. Change the grade percentage to a decimal
  2. Move the decimal point two places to the left to change a percentage to a decimal. A test worth 50 percent of the grade, for example, would be 0.5.

  3. Multiply the decimal by attained grade
  4. If the grade earned on the test was a 92, this would be multiplied by the previously found 0.5 to get 46.

  5. Add the decimals together and compare to grading scale
  6. Once the previous two steps have been done for all of the assignments, add the numbers up and compare the value — between 1 and 100 — to the course's grading scale to determine the overall grade.

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