How Do You Calculate the Cost of Tuition and Other Fees for ITT Tech?


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ITT Technical Institute has a cost calculator on its website, which helps potential students understand what costs may be associated with earning a degree. The resulting price is only an estimate, and students interested in ITT Technical Institute should contact the financial aid office for more information.

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To begin the assessment, a student is asked if he is planning on applying for financial aid, his age, and if he lives alone or with a parent or other family member. If the potential ITT Technical Institute student plans on applying for financial aid, he is asked if he is the primary supporter of children as well.

Other questions that a student has to answer to get an estimate of the cost associated with ITT Technical Institute include how many people are in his family, how many people are currently in college and the net income of the family.

Before financial aid, grants and other costs are taken into consideration, the average cost of tuition at ITT Technical Institution's Maryland School in Hanover is approximately $17,000 per year. Each credit hour at this school costs $493 as of 2014, and a four-year degree could equal more than 180 credit hours before it is complete.

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