What Are Some Business Management Courses?

What Are Some Business Management Courses?


Students seeking business management courses for a degree program can opt to take courses such as business law, Internet marketing, business systems analysis and international business. Additional business management courses include human resource management, global supply chain management, hospitality management and project management.

Many business management programs at colleges and universities offer general management and business courses such as Introduction to Business, Business Law, Business Methods, Managerial Decision Making and Business Communications. Students may also be required to take courses on the principles of management, business plan preparation and small business management.

Core courses in a business program that can include an emphasis in management commonly include courses in financial accounting, principles of finance, strategic management and policy, operations management and an introduction to international business. Students can opt for courses in human relations and administration as well as communication and language courses to enhance their ability to build relationships with clients in diverse cultures.

Students enrolled in a business management program may choose to specialize in security management, sustainability management, health services management, or small business management and entrepreneurship. Courses in business management focus on case studies of management scenarios, strategies to lead employees and management theories used in the workplace.