Is Business a Good Major?


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Whether or not business is a good major depends largely upon individual goals and temperament. A business degree allows a student to understand a wide variety of business-related issues and disciplines and can introduce students to future clients or business partners, but is not in itself a guarantee of success.

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Every organization relies on the principles of economics in order to survive. Therefore, understanding those principles and having a mind for business are generally useful qualities that employers look for. In addition, every industry needs employees who are able to organize, plan and manage effectively. Sub-fields in business, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, public relations, management and real estate, add value to the business degree. Because of this diversity of sub-fields, business is a major that meets the interests of many different types of people.

Because business is a popular and reputable major, the job market is flooded with people with business degrees, so a business degree by itself may not cause a graduate to stand out when seeking employment. Sometimes earning a business degree in the hopes of opening doors to a higher salary can actually be detrimental. Employers hiring an entry-level employee who will need on-the-job training are more likely to hire the person they can pay less than the person with a degree that requires a higher salary.

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