What Are Some Free Bulletin Board Ideas?

One free bulletin board idea listed by The Teacher's Corner includes a monthly theme in which the teacher focuses on holidays or weather for each month. Other possible themes for bulletin boards include birthdays, back to school, holidays and student work. Some ideas revolve around the subject of the classroom.

Ideas for January themes include snow, Martin Luther King, winter or New Year's resolutions. February has Black History Month and Valentine's Day, while March focuses on spring and St. Patrick's Day. Other monthly bulletin board ideas are changes of season, food and animals related to each month.

Themes are changeable throughout the entire year. Some bulletin boards focus on events happening, such as Red Ribbon week, classroom rules for the beginning of the year, patriotism around September 11, student birthdays or the 100th day of school. Including student work is a positive way to create bulletin board designs.

Teachers who focus on subject matter include information such as commonly used verbs for language arts classes, simple formulas for mathematics classes, timelines for social studies, or famous artists for art classes. Physical education bulletin board ideas include daily exercises and the food pyramid. Ideas for science class bulletin boards include the periodic table, life cycles and famous scientists.