What Does BrainPOP Jr. Offer?

What Does BrainPOP Jr. Offer?

BrainPOP Jr. is an educational website that features animated games, movies and activities centered on general learning topics. The site content is intended for students in kindergarten to third grade.

BrainPOP content is created by an in-house team of animators, writers and academic advisors.

Educators can set up or add to a curriculum using a variety of tools. The My BrainPOP feature tracks student activity history and overall progress. It also allows students to create screen captures and save them to their personal account. Educators can also create custom quizzes by using the Mixer tool to select from prefabricated questions and animations. The interactive Make-a-Map tool allows for overall concept mapping, and the Standards Tool helps align the overall curriculum to Common Core standards.

Subscribers also have access to BrainPOP Educators, a hub for professional development and resources as well as interaction with other educational professionals.

Access to BrainPOP content requires purchasing a subscription. Different options are available for schools, school districts, individual classrooms and homeschooling. The company estimates that about 20 percent of American schools use its software as of April 2015. BrainPOP also has similar divisions for higher grades in the K-12 system as well as ESL learners.