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BrainPOP Jr. is a subset of BrainPOP, a website designed to teach difficult concepts to school-age children. BrainPOP Jr. is geared toward K-3 children and contains lessons on many topics, including health, science, math and arts, as well as age-appropriate games and activities.

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Dr. Avraham Kadar, an immunologist and pediatrician, developed BrainPOP in order to simplify concepts so his young patients would understand them. Since then, BrainPOP has grown to be a popular education tool among schools and families. Most of the website is subscription only, and subscriptions can be bought by families, schools or school boards.

BrainPOP Jr. caters for younger children than BrainPOP, from kindergarten to grade three. Subjects include common school lessons such as how to classify animals or create tally charts, but also important information on subjects such as bullying and how to stay safe while using the Internet. In addition to the video provided at each lesson are many activities, such as games, comics, reading exercises, an opportunity to draw about the lesson, and jokes for the children. There are also quizzes about the material, divided into easy and hard questions. BrainPOP also has several smartphone apps, a Spanish section and a section for learning English.

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