What are some boys' names that start with M?


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Some boys' names that start with the letter M include Michael, Matthew, Mitchell, Morgan and Miguel. Other examples include Mason, Martin, Marcus, Max and Miles.

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Each name has a unique origin and significance. The name Michael comes from the Biblical archangel who defeats demons in the book of Revelation. As of June of 2015, Michael remains one of the most popular boys' names in the United States. Miguel is the Spanish version of the name Michael. As the name of one of Jesus' apostles, Matthew also has a Biblical origin and translates to "gift of Yahweh" in Hebrew.

Historically a last name meaning "stoneworker," Mason derives from Old English. The name has evolved from a last name referring to a profession to a commonly used first name. Marcus, an ancient Roman name, still remains in use. Some famous people named Marcus include Marcus Garvey, Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Anthony, Dr. Marcus Welby and Marcus Loew.

Other boys' names starting with the letter M include Maurice, Malcolm, Marvin, Melvin and Matthias, as well as Micah, Milton, Mario, Mateo and Marshall. As of June 2015, however, these names remain far less popular among young parents in the United States when compared to names such as Michael, Marcus and Matthew.

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