What Are Some Boys Names From the Bible?


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The most popular biblical names for baby boys in 2014 were Noah, Jacob, Ethan, Michael and James according to the list from the Social Security Administration. These names were ranked first, fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth respectively.

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What Are Some Boys Names From the Bible?
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The bible story of Noah is quite well known. In the Bible, Noah was said to have constructed a massive ark to save mankind, and an impressive collection of animals, from a world-wide flood.

Jacob was a highly important figure in the bible. He was the husband of both Rachel and Leah and the son of Isaac and Rebecca. The 12 tribes of Israel originated from his 12 sons.

There were several Ethans in the Old Testament. The most impactful of the featured Ethans was said to be quite wise. This Ethan is reported to have composed Psalm 89.

Michael is a prominently featured name not just in Christianity, but also in Jewish and Islamic religions. In the New Testament, Michael is instrumental in helping God's army defeat Satan.

There are two different people named James featured in the New Testament. The first James is said to be a relation of Jesus. The second James, who was refereed to as James the Great, is an apostle.

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