How Do Boy Scouts Merit Badge Worksheets Work?


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Merit badge worksheets contain blanks that correspond to requirements that a Scout must complete to receive a merit badge. When a Scout completes the requirements, he fills in the related blanks on the merit badge worksheet and gives the completed worksheet to a merit badge counselor as proof of having completed the requirements.

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Some merit badge requirements entail discussing, showing, telling, identifying, explaining or demonstrating an activity, subject or thing. Under these circumstances, the Scout must demonstrate or explain in the presence of his merit badge counselor. However, a merit badge worksheet allows a Scout to complete such requirements in theory on his own time and to fill in the appropriate blanks for future consideration.

Merit badge worksheets are alternatively called merit badge workbooks, which are available on USScouts.org. The blank spaces, or work spaces, within merit badge workbooks denote a space for Scouts to make notes to be discussed with a counselor at a later time

The Boy Scouts of America does not condone or discourage merit badge worksheets, which are unofficial tools that Scouts sometimes use during the process of qualifying for a merit badge, as of 2015. Merit badge counselors have the right to refuse merit badge worksheets as a form of proof for a Scout who submits them to corroborate his completion of merit badge requirements.

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