What Are Some Borrower Services Offered on the ACS Education Website?

The ACS Education website offers a variety of borrower services mostly focused on online payments. However, a user must register with the website in order to receive any of these services.

The ACS Education website uses a login process to provide its borrower services to users. Many of these services appear in general detail on their main website. They include making regular and recurring payments on student loans, receiving notices of payment dates and actual clearance of payments from the company, and signing up for loan deferments because of job loss and other financial hard times. Users can also change payment and contact information through the website, as long as they are registered.

The services are described in more detail on ACS Education's "Why Login?" page. Their private payment service, ExpressPay, requires an online account for the user to link a bank account or cancel a payment before the loan company accepts it. Since student loan payers may have different kinds of loans, not all services are available to all users of the website; for example, Checkmate II is available for FFEL and Private Loans, but ACS recommends that those with Campus-Based Loans enroll in Automatic Bill Payment instead. Likewise, signing up for deferments and keeping track of them requires an FFEL account rather than any other kind. However, most services, such as keeping track of money owed, paid and canceled, changing or retrieving information and using ExpressPay, are available for everyone.