What Are Some Book Recommendations for a First Grader Who Is Considered an Accelerated Reader?


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Some of the most popular books for accelerated readers in first grade are the series book of "The Magic Tree House," "Flat Stanley," "The Boxcar Children," "Encyclopedia Brown" and "Little House on the Prairie."

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"Magic Tree House" books feature two children who transport themselves through time into the books they are reading when they are in their magic tree house. They go on adventures with dinosaurs, knights and more. The "Boxcar Children" and "Encyclopedia Brown" are both mystery-based series books. "Little House on the Prairie" is a classic series about living in the Midwest during the late 1800s. The title character in "Flat Stanley" was flattened by a bulletin board and travels the world on fantastic adventures using his dimensions to his advantage.

Accelerated reading is a program that grades children's books according to the level of difficulty, use of sight words, and other criteria. Schools often use the accelerated reading program to match readers with books according to reading comprehension quizzes about their books of choice.

It is possible to find a book with an accelerated reading rating by searching the AR BookFinder website at Arbookfind.com. Simply type a topic, author or title into the search bar, and it provides a list of related books, their AR ratings and links to purchase.

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