What Is Blended Learning?


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Blended learning is a combination of traditional classroom and online education. A type of distance learning, it is considered more flexible and convenient for some students. Fifty-three percent of American school districts included distance learning for some high school students in 2009-2010, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

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Also known as hybrid, mixed-mode and integrative, blended learning involves three main components and six models. The first component is traditional classroom study with a professional educator. The second includes online educational material, and the third includes independent study time for the student. Blended learning models include face-to-face driver, a teacher-driven instruction that includes digital tools and rotation, which is a cycle of in-class instruction and student’s independent study online.

The self-blend model allows students to add to their traditional classroom studies by including online coursework. In the lab model, all coursework is given through a digital platform but at a designated location. The online driver model is similar in that all coursework is given digitally. With this model, students and teachers meet face-to-face only if necessary. In the flex model, the majority of coursework is given digitally, and teachers are available to consult and support the students in person.

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