How Do You Get a Free Bible Degree Online?

How Do You Get a Free Bible Degree Online?

Trinity College of Biblical Studies offers several free online Bible degrees. Although no campus residency is required, most degrees require completion of an internship before the final year of classes. The institution also maintains a bookstore and offers low-cost religious pilgrimages.

Trinity College of Biblical Studies offers undergraduate degrees in theology, divinity and biblical studies. Available concentrations include theology, church planting, pastoral counseling and youth pastoring. Students who demonstrate academic excellence may elect to write a supervised thesis on a topic of their choosing. Students work with a mentor to complete this project.

The course catalog of Trinity College of Biblical Studies includes many courses in the biblical Old and New Testaments, rhetoric and systematic theology. Other course topics include spiritual formation, Hebrew, church history and missionary work. The college also offers classes in hymnology, Christian logic, Christian philosophy, ethics and world religions. Advanced course options include apologetics and pastoral counseling.

Students who receive permission from the college may undertake an independent cultural studies project. This three-credit project involves detailed research into a culture of the student's choosing.

Students enrolled in Trinity College of Biblical Studies have several distance learning options. Students may elect to receive course materials on CD-ROM, to access them online or to study from textbooks mailed by the institution.