What Is a Biased Opinion?

A biased opinion is based on a preconceived notion or idea about a thing, person or group of people based on personal beliefs. In psychology, a bias is known as a "cognitive shortcut." It is based on the idea that the human brain, in order to conserve energy, naturally looks for shorter paths to conclusions by using what has been ingrained to draw speedy conclusions.

In other words, most people are not naturally deep thinkers. In fact, putting oneself into a deep thinking mode often involves a process of conditioning the brain through several stages of varying length. According to psychiatrists. biases are not always a bad thing. Not only is thinking very deeply about every aspect of life very time consuming, it would actually be quite painful. The brain is an organ and its overuse, as with other organs, can lead to strain. Scientists have recently discovered that deep thinking actually drains glucose, which provides energy to the brain. For this reason, bias is a naturally occurring phenomenon that, if balanced properly, helps make the decision making process easier. When considering whether or not a bias is healthy, it is important to determine if the bias can lead to the harm or persecution of others.