How Do You Get Better at Math?

To get better at math, practice an idea until you understand it, do more work than the minimum and find a study partner. Also use resources such as tutoring. When you learn a concept, ask questions and restate your understanding of it to your teacher or tutor.

  1. Practice daily

    Work on math problems for at least 15 minutes every day. Once you have progressed enough to get seven problems in a row correct, you are usually skilled enough to move on to the next concept.

  2. Branch out

    Learn more than the absolute minimum. For example, if your teacher assigns problems 1-15 out of 25 for homework, do up to 20 or all 25. Also consider working on problems in another math book. This tactic will help you become proficient.

  3. Use study buddies

    Team up with a partner or group to review concepts, and take turns explaining ideas to each other. This technique is often more effective than homework because it activates a wider range of brain processes. Questions from the person you are "teaching" may also lead to a better understanding of the subject. If you have no one to study with, call someone or pretend someone is sitting across from you. Teach the concept out loud. You can also teach via writing down a concept.

  4. Take advantage of resources

    Go to tutoring and get assistance from your math teacher. You can seek out a math mentor as well. Contact a local college's math department and ask for math majors who might be interested in mentoring, as this expands your knowledge and math proficiency.