What Is Benfotiamine?


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Benfotiamine is a natural extract of vitamin B-1 or thiamine. It occurs in foods such as allium vegetables, including garlic and onions. If eaten, it increases the amount of thiamine in the blood and body tissues, leading to reduced chances of thiamine deficiency complications.

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What Is Benfotiamine?
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Experts believe that benfotiamine improves the symptoms of health conditions such as diabetes, diabetic neuropathy and sciatica. For instance, a 2006 study publication in Diabetes Care showed that benfotiamine prevents oxidative stress that results from eating AGEs. As for treating diabetic neuropathy, the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics study in 2005 revealed that benfotiamine alleviated pain among patients with diabetic neuropathy after a three-week treatment with benfotiamine.

Benfotiamine may also treat back pain as well as fatigue. Other benefits of benfotiamine may include slowed aging, enhancement of brain functionality and reduction of cravings for alcohol. It also reduces the risks of experiencing the side effects of advanced glycation end products or AGEs, which are toxins that may inflame the body tissues, according to some experts.

To find benfotiamine supplements, those in need can either buy the supplements online or at a store that sell natural foods. However, some doctors do not recommend benfotiamine to patients because of the absence of sufficient scientific evidence as to their efficacy.

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