What Are the Benefits of Using Virtual Frog Dissection for Education?


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Some benefits of using virtual frog dissection in the classroom include an improved learning process and reduced costs for the school. Virtual frog dissection also has less ecological impact than live frog dissection, and is a more humane alternative for studying animal anatomy.

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With virtual frog dissection, it is possible to repeat steps and procedures as many times as is necessary for the student's learning process. Virtual frog dissection also requires less classroom time than live frog dissection as it eliminates the need for set up, clean up and disposal, allowing students more time to learn other material. It is also cheaper for schools to carry out virtual frog dissection in the long run with repeated use of the virtual frog dissection software.

Virtual frog dissection also lessens the ecological impact of frog dissection. This is in contrast with the impact of doing six million live dissections each year which necessitates the collection of large numbers of frogs. By avoiding the use of toxic preserving chemicals, the harvesting of frogs and the disposal of body parts that are necessary for live frog dissection, virtual frog dissection has also less impact on the environment.

For those concerned about animal rights and animal cruelty, virtual frog dissection offers students a more humane, cruelty-free method of studying frogs and animal anatomy. Using live frogs in dissection may sometimes have negative psychological effects on students.

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