What Are Some Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom?

Students benefit from technology in the classroom because teachers can utilize innovative online platforms and interactive games that reinforce course concepts and track progress for students. Students can also explore multimedia by creating video, audio, podcast, and photo presentations and projects to further illustrate their research and learning in the classroom.

Technology in the classroom is beneficial for students because it exposes them to visuals and applications that present the material in an engaging and interactive manner suited for all learning styles. Students can participate in lectures by using remotes or technology associated with smartboards, which allow them to select correct answers to questions posed on the board or ask questions using technology versus raising their hands for assistance.

Teachers can also use technology to identify when students need extra assistance with course concepts. Students who complete online assessments or take quizzes and tests within electronic applications or programs are identified automatically when struggling with certain concepts in reading, math or writing. Technology automates many processes for teachers, such as recording grades, performing assessments or reporting progress to help free the instructors to work one-on-one with students. Technology also provides supplemental learning activities that complement the in-class instruction and lessons.