What Are Some Benefits of Using Study Island?


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Study Island is a paid program that allows teachers to select lessons and assessments for students. Students access the lessons and assessments from a computer or mobile device. Once a student has completed the lesson or assessment, teachers can view the student's performance.

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Study Island lessons and tests align with both Core Curriculum standards and state standards. This ensures Study Island lessons are on point with current learning standards wherever the program is used.

Another benefit of Study Island is the easily accessed data. A student is given a unique ID that follows them throughout their Study Island usage. A teacher can view a single student's performance for as long as that student has used Study Island. A teacher can also view results for a class as a whole, allowing a teacher to see where the whole group is proficient or needs more reinforcing.

Study Island assessments are given based on a unit, theme or as a review of multiple units. Study Island breaks the assessment data down by specific learning goals or standards for both students individually and a class as a whole. Even on a mixed unit test, it is easy for teachers to see where a student or class needs support.

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